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BABYOIL : Lovebeat

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BABYOIL is a 4 piece indie-rock, post(pop)punk band from Luxembourg. Babyoil is an international Band composed by a french two portuguese and an italian musican. Their refreshing atmospheres and timeless soundscapes filled with catchy, spectacular melodies that refuse to leave your memory, are made of melancholic basslines, crunchy guitar riffs and melodies aiming for a postrock sensitivity that never becomes arty though, with on top an excellent singer whose vocal range is very expansive. Babyoil are hard to compare to other bands. They always find the right balance between testosterone fuelled straightforwardness and poppy catchiness. Babyoil may not adhere to one of the currently popular movements like metalcore or punk, but they are mature enough to be able to stand on their own and convince with unexpectedly great shows and even an unexpectedly great album named 'SCORE'. 'Babyoil' is Sébastien Peiffer on electric guitars and lead vocals, Paulo 'Jim' Fernandes on electric guitars and backing vocals, Dino D' Elicio on bass guitar and Claude Rafael on Drums and backing vocals too. The actual line-up exists since 2006.